About Christa C Hogan


Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I started out like most writers–as a young reader and lover of words and books. My favorite books were the Nancy Drew mysteries and Anne of Green Gables. These¬†books featured girls who had adventures and said things I wanted to say.

As an adult, I studied literature, journalism, creative writing, and editing at North Carolina State University. After graduation I worked for a small woman’s magazine and then as a freelance writer for nearly two decades. To earn a living as a writer, I often wear many different hats. I have written for businesses, charities, magazines, and book publishers. Each project has helped me grow as a writer.

Another way to grow as a writer is to be curious and try new things. So when I’m not reading or writing, I am traveling to places like China and Costa Rica and Ireland. I teach something called mindfulness meditation. I enjoy being outdoors, skiing, hiking, biking, and scuba diving. I’m also married and have three boys and a cat named Ruby. Luckily, my family is always up for a new adventure!

Today I write both fiction and nonfiction for adults and kids. If you want to see what I’ve written for kids lately, check out the My Books page. If you’re a teacher, librarian or other leader who’s interested in having me speak to your school, class or organization, click on Visits.

Happy Reading and Writing!